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Twitter will be hosting a depth panel discussion to showcase the inspirational power of women in the industry. A space where leaders, creatives, executives, mothers, sisters or coworkers can share their experience on where their career investment was, what actions they have made that went beyond statements, how to measure this success and how collective voices shape movements that challenge the status quo based on the relevance of building a personal and professional voice.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Inspire others on what should women should be investing on their careers
  2. The importance of a collective voice.
  3. Relevance of building a personal and professional voice

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Karla González Media & Digital Acceleration Director Heineken Mexico
Nola Weinstein Global Head of Culture, Engagement & Experiential Marketing Twitter
Camila Trombert General Creative Director Element
Marcela Berlanga Chief Operating Officer Dentsu Aegis Network Mexico

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Event Type Workshop