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Advertising has changed - we are living in the 'person-centric' era where individual interaction and engagement is paramount. But how can the modern marketer take that ideal and make it a reality? Adglow's CEO, Juan Dominguez, explores this topic in his session and argues that we have reached a tipping point in the relationship between audience communication and customer conversion, with the CRM at the heart of the strategy.

Juan Dominguez is the CEO and co-founder of Adglow, a global digital advertising technology and services vendor, and an approved marketing partner to Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, Snap and Pinterest.

During his career, Juan has worked with businesses and brands that have leveraged digital technologies to disrupt and innovate in their category.

In this talk, Juan will share:

- his ideas about how advertising has shifted to a person-centric model
- how he sees the modern marketing relationship between acquisition and conversion
- the definition of a 3-dimensional customer dataset
- how to put CRM at the heart of a personalised, relevant advertising narrative View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Practical strategies for person-centric advertising
  2. An overview of the current state of digital advertising
  3. An understanding of how to better map customer data for a '3 dimensional' view
  4. New ideas for how to better deploy CRM in customer acquisition

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Juan Dominguez CEO & Founder Adglow

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