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Aversion to digital advertising has reached new heights in Latin America. Half the advertising is never seen by anyone. And advertisers report that only 12% of viewers actually watch their video ads through to completion. Conquering the attention deficit has become the single most important challenge to digital advertising.

Across the board, marketers are testing a variety of approaches like, assessing the quality and duration of advertisements, media environment and context, audience targeting for relevance, and other tactics to stem the tide of consumer ad abandonment. This presentation will highlight AcuityAds’ measurement and research on consumer attention to advertising based on actual consumer behavior and an extensive survey done with Latin American advertisers in Q4, 2018. It will also present best practice case studies from in-market execution with major advertisers globally. View Less

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  1. Key findings from a recent research study conducted with 500+ brand marketers across the Americas
  2. Consumer attention to digital video advertising across top brands in Mexico
  3. Key differences between Latin American and North American approach to video advertising

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Seraj Bharwani Chief Strategy Officer AcuityAds

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