Paul English

Paul’s spent the better part of the last 20 years helping global companies find the intersection of digital technology, customer insight and business results. He currently is a Consulting Principal, where he heads up the European Digital Transformation practice from the London office.

Working across sectors and geographies – from startups to global networks – Paul’s focused on how experiences can be applied to increase customer value for B2B and B2C companies. He’s fanatical about innovation and leveraging today’s mutating consumer and B2B habits to find new ways to build customer equity in volume, value and advocacy.

Prior to joining Prophet, Paul led digital and integrated business and marketing strategies for leading global bands brands like Jaguar, Motorola, DeBeers, L’Oréal, Air France, Société Générale, IBM, Cisco, Néstlé, and Goldman Sachs to name a few. He built the digital agency arm of Sapient Europe, transforming Sapient Interactive (now Publicis.Sapient) into one of the UK’s leading digital agencies.