Nduwuisi Emuchay

Ndu Emuchay is an IBM Fellow and has extensive experience working with some of IBM's
largest clients around the world, across industry, in both the mature as well as growth markets.
In his role, Ndu leads work on incubating next generation technologies, enabling the confluence
and application of capability, design and technology, expertise and experience in support of IBM

clients, strategic IBM initiatives, thought leadership and innovation.
Over the past years, Ndu's focus has been in working immersively with some of IBM’s largest
clients and partners, driving cloud transformation and engineering, establishing new ways of
working, elevating technical leadership development to deliver significant and sustained
business outcomes.

Starting mid this year, Ndu has led the Emb(race) Call for Code Spot Challenge in which IBMers
around the world, from 22 countries, answered the call.