Daniel Wilkinson

Daniel Wilkinson is an award-winning senior digital marketer with over 15 years’ experience running paid media campaigns and teams.

As Chief Solutions Officer, Paid Media, at Jellyfish, Daniel has worked with clients including Walden, Nestle, Experian, Zipcar and National Geographic, providing complex, effective digital marketing solutions.

Passionate about nurturing the next generation of marketing talent, in 2013 Daniel launched the Jellyfish Academy, a three-month paid graduate program aimed at teaching candidates the skills they need to be successful digital marketers.

Daniel has also been involved in developing a bid management platform called JUMP and has just completed development of an automated early warning system that helps brands protect their paid media investment called SafetyNet.

Daniel has traveled extensively during his varied career (a story for another day) and has lived and worked in six of the seven continents.