Tom Fochetta

Tom Fochetta is a highly-experienced business leader and media veteran with more than 20 years of digital advertising experience. He serves as Vice President of Samsung Ads, a leading provider of Advanced TV advertising solutions. Tom has a proven track record for spearheading high-impact sales teams at world-class media, commerce and hardware companies, including Google and Amazon. As the founding executive of Samsung Ads (2015), Tom established its global ad sales platform. He leads the Americas’ ad sales, client solutions and operations, and oversees the Company’s advertising platform across Samsung’s Smart TV and digital ecosystem. Under Tom’s leadership, Samsung Ads has achieved significant growth. He championed the acquisition of AdGear and was part of the Deal Team to acquire the foundation of a fully owned and operated tech stack. Tom is an advocate for the Advanced TV industry, and participates in many industry associations, including the interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).