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Can an industry that thrives on competition work together towards a better solution to online identity? The future of advertising without third-party cookies and with restricted ad IDs is forcing the hand of innovation within the entire ecosystem. The industry now must work together to create a better solution for online identification, as well as enable privacy-protection and addressable advertising for users.  

This town hall discussion, moderated by Nicole Perrin, Principal Analyst at eMarketer, and featuring experts from across the industry: Criteo, Goodway Group and LiveRamp will explore identity challenges for brands, agencies, and publishers and align on what the ideal solution needs in order to meet the needs of users, and the ecosystem as a whole.  View Less

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  1. Hear insights on challenges and solutions for the future of online identity from advertising industry experts.
  2. Understand what needs to change for advertising to give more control to users while also driving personalization and performance.
  3. Align on expectations for agencies, advertisers, publishers and AdTech partners in a world without third-party cookies.

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Len Ostroff SVP, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances Criteo
Nicole Perrin Principal Analyst eMarketer, Insider Intelligence
Amanda Martin VP, Enterprise Partnerships Goodway Group
Travis Clinger SVP, Addressability and Ecosystem LiveRamp

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