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B2B companies are becoming the new purpose leaders. They understand the power of embedding purpose in their organizations’ culture, behaviors, and operations to grow business and brand, drive employee engagement and recruiting, inspire innovation and increase overall personal and professional satisfaction.

Join two global B2B purpose leaders—Tata Consultancy Services and Lineage Logistics—in a dynamic panel moderated by Carol Cone, CEO of Carol Cone ON PURPOSE. Cone will explore the purpose journeys of these global firms with panelists Balaji Ganapathy, Chief Social Responsibility Officer at Tata Consultancy Services, and Sean Vanderelzen, Chief Human Resources Officer at Lineage Logistics.

Ganapathy and Vanderelzen will share insights on how their companies infused purpose in culture to increase employee engagement, empower personal and professional growth, and influence product/service innovation. Both will discuss how purpose-driven cultures guided their organizations’ rapid responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advertising Week audiences will come away with an understanding of the power of deeply-embedded purpose to guide organizational culture, with profound results. Cone, Ganapathy, and Vanderelzen will demonstrate why organizations of all sectors must discover and live their purpose: what they stand for in an increasingly transparent world with rising stakeholder expectations.

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Balaji Ganapathy Chief Social Responsibility Officer and Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
Carol Cone CEO On Purpose
Sean Vanderelzen Chief Human Resources Officer Lineage Logistics

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