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This talk will explore the psychology of how beliefs turn into behavior - both personally and professionally - and how organizational culture takes shape as a result. Organizational behavior is shaped by a series of what we call ‘culture loops’ - unconscious programming that emerges from organizational norms and group behavior. Organizations of the future will only be as strong as the cultures they build. Those that are capable of building sustainable culture loops will not only strengthen the resiliency of their communities, they will also pave the way for more innovation and creativity.

In this time of unprecedented social and economic change, organizations have been quick to make bold statements about what matters to them, whether racial justice, employee safety, or work-life balance. But many of these statements will remain exactly that – statements of intent – unless leaders support them through lasting cultural change.

This calls for a deeper degree of intentionality around organizational culture than ever before. And it begs some crucial questions. How do we ensure that the culture we want to come to life in our organization becomes a reality? How do we revisit our organizational values, maxims, and norms to create meaningful cultural shifts? How do we sustain these shifts through changing and challenging times?

Recognizing organizational culture as a system is the first step in understanding how to shift organizational patterns and ultimately, behavior. Using an organizational development frame, we'll delve into culture as a system, how culture loops are formed and how to re-design them.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Attendees will walk away with an understanding - and a framework - for thinking of organizational culture as a system
  2. We'll give attendees a new way of thinking about existing organizational patterns and how to apply these solutions to the challenges you may be facing in your organization
  3. We’ll explore the psychology of group dynamics and the “under the surface” dynamics that shape organizational cultures


Kit Krugman co:collective

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