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At a time when reaching the masses to inspire hope, contributions and support continues to be critical, Walmart Media Group and marquee brands like Unilever are utilizing the power of omni to drive meaningful engagement – tapping into Walmart Media Group’s scaled data to bring the right messages to the right audience in a format with a level of precision that optimizes impact and drives immediate action.

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  1. Walmart Media Group is a powerful retail media platform, and during the pandemic brands used this incredible tool to help reach the public with positive messages.
  2. During the Pandemic, Unilever partnered with Walmart Media Group to create campaigns that could help communities in need and drive important conversations forward through initiatives like United For America and The Crown Act.
  3. Through Walmart Media Group’s $10M ad space donation for the #Alone Together campaign, the Ad Council reached millions of Americans communicating critical pandemic-related information that will continue to impact and save lives.


Stephen Howard-Sarin VP of Strategy & Development Walmart Media Group

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