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The data revolution is here and it is helping every industry take giant leaps forward in delivering better experiences and services particularly in healthcare. With more data than ever being collected and more people willing to share their data, this could potentially help provide unprecedented engagement and care, leading to better patient outcomes and lower health costs.

There’s no question that data can help transform the world of health and wellness. But numerous questions must be considered as we explore new ground in this industry. This session will cover new trends and opportunities for brands using data the right way. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How are health brands using data to provide better customer experiences?
  2. How can data drive more innovation?
  3. How does a data-driven approach improve engagement?
  4. How can data be used to improve society overall?

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Bryan Donovan VP, Data Strategy & Acquisition Acxiom
Hilary Gentile Global Chief Strategy Officer McCann Health
Benjamin Rolnik Director of Stanford's Healthcare Innovation Lab Stanford Health
Sarah Caldwell General Manager, Crossix Analytics Crossix

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