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This summer, The New York Times welcomed Serial Productions into the Times’s family and entered a strategic alliance with This American Life, making The Times the premium destination for deeply reported narratives that complement the success of Michael Barbaro with “The Daily,” and others within the portfolio. As we head into an election year, the Opinion Audio team has grown with fervor, sparking an impressive lineup for this year and beyond.

Today, we will meet the top podcast producers in the business, uncovering the secrets of the craft, how best-in-class audio is created and what to look forward to in audio from The New York Times. View Less

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  1. A behind-the-scenes look at the acquisition of Serial Productions.
  2. A discussion on the role of opinion in audio.
  3. What advertisers can expect from The Times’s portfolio this year and beyond.

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Paula Szuchman Managing Producer, New York Times Opinion Audio The New York Times
Sebastian Tomich Global Head of Advertising and Marketing Solutions The New York Times
Lisa Tobin Editor of Audio The New York Times
Julie Snyder Executive Editor Serial Productions

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