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Some of the businesses most impacted by the 2020 pandemic are those that keep the population in motion. When sheltering in place became more essential than getting to a destination on time, companies like Uber had to reimagine the relationship they had with their customers. From advertising that thanked people for “not riding with us right now”, to accelerating the food delivery business so people hunkered down could enjoy something as normal as their favorite take-out meals, Uber has navigated one of the most disruptive moments in the history of business. In this session, Jenny Avallon Lewis, Head of US & Canada Marketing for Uber and UberEats, will talk with Laurent Ezekiel, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer at WPP, about innovating through a global crisis and the future of mobility in a post-pandemic world.


Jenny Avallon Lewis Head of US & Canada Marketing Uber and Ubereats
Laurent Ezekiel Chief Marketing & Growth Officer WPP

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