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Everyone knows that TV is for building demand and retail media is for activating sales. So, what happens when the largest U.S. grocery retailer shares data science with the largest OTT streaming service? Two unlikely companions – Kroger and Roku - have created a powerful new way for CPG brands to target the households most likely to buy. Discover the new partnership which combines the best of brand marketing and performance marketing. Learn how CPG brands are using streaming TV to both boost demand – and produce measurable sales in stores.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How Kroger’s data science is fueling next-generation audience targeting on TV
  2. How CPG brands are using Kroger sales data to measure the business impact of advertising on Roku
  3. What the future of shoppable TV looks like in 2021 and beyond

Presented with


Julian Mintz Head of West and Central Sales Roku
Lindsay Pullins Director, Media Product Strategy & Innovation Kroger Precision Marketing

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