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Purpose has become a defining strategy for marketers in 2020, evolving from a trend to a necessity for brands in a fractured social and economic climate. With this comes both challenge and opportunity for marketers trying to balance the responsibilities of driving purchase and creating real value for consumers.

In this session, Reddit’s Head of Creative Strategy, Will Cady is joined by Adobe’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Ann Lewnes to explore what happens when brands and communities co-create with passion and purpose, and how these strategies are not just world-changing ambitions but key to successful marketing in The New Normal. View Less

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  1. How to activate your brand’s purpose in a way that drives meaningful and measurable business results
  2. The real-world elements of online community that turn passion into purpose
  3. How leading brands are evolving their strategies to balance ROI and purpose

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Will Cady Head of Creative Strategy Reddit
Ann Lewnes Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Adobe

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