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During a time where live sporting events, concerts, and festivals could not go on, many leagues and entertainment properties had to quickly adopt new strategies in an attempt to fill the obvious void  their  fans were experiencing. WWE adapted and remained nimble, committed to evolving and innovating its business to be there for its fans.

Stephanie McMahon, WWE’s Chief Brand Officer, will discuss how WWE continues to stay focused on its mission of putting smiles on people’s faces  by reimagining the company’s live event experience in today’s environment and virtually bringing fans back into the show with its new state-of-the-state WWE ThunderDome to recreate the interactive in-arena atmosphere that has been a staple of WWE events for decades.
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  1. How critical it is to be nimble in order to pivot quickly.
  2. The value of live content.
  3. Innovation and being slightly ahead of the curve are essential to staying relevant.

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Tanya Dua Advertising Reporter Business Insider
Stephanie McMahon Chief Brand Officer WWE

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