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What happens when an MVP moves on? When ardent fans feel you’ve lost touch with the city you call home? Or when home is a new address? Traditionally, professional sports franchises focus marketing budget on ticket sales. But when talent can be quickly traded or win/loss records fluctuate wildly, there’s value in building a brand that transcends the transactional. Marketing leaders at the Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Islanders discuss moving past a pure sales focus and building brands fans love.

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  1. The value of uncovering your brand’s authentic and enduring story, and telling that story with emotional resonance
  2. The business case for brand-building activities in an industry focused on sales promotion
  3. How to build a symbiotic relationship among sports operations, front office leadership, players, coaches, and fans—no matter the team’s performance

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Renienne b Simmons Group Account Director 160over90
Tracy Marek Chief Marketing Officer Cleveland Cavaliers
Tom Pistore President, UBS Arena Commercial Business Operations – Home of the New York Islanders Hockey Club UBS Arena and New York Islanders
Jen Kavanagh Senior Vice President, Media and Marketing Philadelphia Eagles

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