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Jonathon is CEO and co-founder leading vision and strategy at Frameplay. Jonathon’s passion for gaming, building engaging products and commercialization led him to start Frameplay in 2018. In this session, Jonathon will discuss why the video game advertising industry must evolve in order for it to reach it's full potential.

The Gaming Audience is Larger than that of Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, Hulu and ESPN combined. 2.6 billion people globally are immersed in virtual worlds, and while they are playing these video games, they aren't seeing ads. With the cultural shift to free-to-play games (F2P or IAP) game developers realize more pressure to leverage advertising to monetize. However, the current advertising formats disrupt the game play. Hear from Jonathon Troughton, CEO and Founder of Frameplay, as he discusses what must evolve in order to fulfill video game advertising's full potential.

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  1. The gaming audience is as diverse as the human race. 64% of all US adults play video games.
  2. Brands are under spending in the video game advertising category.
  3. Advertising in eSports is not the same as advertising directly to gamers.
  4. Brands can have measurement they expect when leveraging intrinsic in-game advertising.
  5. Brands can leverage programmatic direct methods to buy intrinsic in-game advertising.
  6. Intrinsic in-game advertising reaches a scalable audience within quality content.
  7. The brand creative must speak to the gaming audience and the gaming content. Brands shouldn't use standard digital creative.


Jonathon Troughton CEO and Founder Frameplay

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