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Hosted by the Brady Foundation, GSA, the Ad Council and McKinney, "End Family Fire: Saving Lives in a Polarized Time" is an online panel discussion in which team members will discuss the creation of their 2020 campaign to prevent gun suicide through safer gun storage. Some of the hard questions we asked in the process: What's more likely to change someone's behavior: empathy or fear? Can we highlight the dangers of our audience's actions without showing up like haters? How do we make something that has cred with the core and also makes sense to a mass audience? And...If nothing looks the same, can we still call it a campaign?

Three key takeaways:

• How to bring creativity to what is literally a life-and-death conversation

• What's the line between good uncomfortable and bad uncomfortable when reviewing work?

• When to let go of matching creative and how to do it without losing the strategic thread


Jason Wagenheim President & CRO, Co-chair, Gun Safety Alliance Media Squad Bustle Digital Group
Jenny Nicholson GCD McKinney
Kris Brown Brady United
Michelle Hillman Chief Campaign Development Officer AdCouncil

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