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As the mobile advertising industry hits an inflection point, it’s more important than ever to boost brand loyalty. In this session, global app marketing platform Adjust, together with Reddit, will host a lively discussion on mobile-first strategies — fueled by data rich mobile attribution. Take a deep dive into the role data-driven decisions play in igniting brand awareness, propelling growth, and increasing loyalty and engagement.

See how global brands — from the Fortune 500 to VC-funded mobile apps — are seeing success with mobile-led-strategies. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How mobile-first brands can leverage data insights from Reddit to connect with their loyal consumers.
  2. How to leverage your first-party data to deepen customer relationships, from establishing loyalty to finding and engaging new customers.
  3. How to use mobile attribution data to course-correct advertising outcomes.
  4. How to automate your campaign optimization and reporting processes, and protect your data and in-app experiences from fraudsters.

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Melissa Dickman RVP Adjust
Neal Hubman Reddit

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