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Marcie Allen has been incredibly successful with brand and music business MAC Presents but is now setting out again as an entrepreneur with her new cafe brand Anzie Blue. Marcie and another entrepreneurial high profile guest will have an educational conversation about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. With the industry changing after the pandemic, more people than ever will be thinking about taking the entrepreneurial journey.

Marcie Allen and her guest will talk about the big issues of entrepreneurship. How

Marcie Allen and her guest Courtney Stewart, Founder of Right Hand Co, The Right Hand Foundation, and Co-Founder of Keep Cool Records, will talk about the big issues of entrepreneurship.

How can you hit outside your size? What marketing works best? What mistakes should you avoid? What has she taken from MAC Presents to her new company?
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  1. As 2020 has shown us, being flexible and knowing how to turn curveballs into opportunities for growth is paramount to entrepreneurship.
  2. Now is the perfect time to become an entrepreneur. The creatives will rise to the top during the pandemic. Forward thinkers are the future of the music industry.
  3. Don't be afraid to be the something new. New ventures are being launched weekly during the pandemic. Find a void in the industry, and fill it.

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Courtney Stewart Founder Right Hand Co
Marcie Allen Founder & President MAC Presents

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