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As the country navigates uncertainty and the various phases of reopening, it may feel like a scary time for retailers to continue running campaigns. Yet, many brands have found ways to stay in-market, stay relevant, and stand out with campaigns that connect with what’s happening, or launch something new. Hear from brands who have led the way during this time, why they turned to Twitter to connect with their audience, and what they’re looking forward to in the months ahead.

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  1. It’s not an easy time for marketers, and brands are looking to their peers and partners for the insights and inspiration to act. Drawing on the best practices from the most effective activations on Twitter, we will share a playbook to give brands the insi
  2. Brands that have remained the most relevant during 2020 use Twitter to connect people with events, occasions, and trends.
  3. While some people turn to Twitter for updates and news, many more seek lighthearted content as a way to relax, stay connected to others, be entertained, or find inspiration.

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JP Maheu VP of US Client Services Twitter
Rebecca Rosengard Business Marketing Manager Twitter
Marissa Kraines Senior Director of Social & Content Marketing Salesforce
Jennifer Mennes Director of North America Media Mondelez

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