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A conversation with Kim Kelleher, President of Commercial Revenue and Partnerships for AMC Networks, on the launch of AMCN’s Content Room, a new full- service branded content studio centered around the award-winning story building roots of AMCN’s distinct suite of networks.

AMCN’s Content Room provides advertising partners with a single point of entry for all their custom creative campaigns and maximizes audience engagement —on all platforms—with one buy. The Content Room taps into long-standing relationships across the company’s five distinct networks and connects partners to the content creators and talent behind key franchises. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn more about AMC Network's Content Room
  2. AMC Network's ability to create custom creative campaigns
  3. AMC Network's story building capabilities for partners

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Kim Kelleher President, Commercial Revenue & Partnerships AMC Networks

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Event Type Executive Interview