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Positive customer experiences lead to customer growth, which in turn drives business results. Great experiences happen when brands know their customers and understand what is relevant to them. The pressure to gain customer intelligence, build communities and connect that insight across all of your marketing has never been greater. Our panel of experts will look at what’s needed to build insights and ‘connect the dots’ to better understand your customers by sharing their own experiences.

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  1. Customer understanding comes from customer intelligence, which is the foundation for positive customer experience. This paves the way for customer growth and in turn, business growth.
  2. Customer insights come from a focused effort on community, and connecting data and technology to serve your clients and business.
  3. The data and technology are essential to create customer intelligence and omnichannel experiences, but people are the real differentiator: gaining insights from your direct engagements, through partners and third party data providers helps round out the i

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Matt Scheckner Executive Director Advertising Week
Chad Englegau CEO Acxiom
Kim Overall EVP, Global Consumer Insight and Innovation Sony Pictures Entertainment
Louqman Parampath VP, Product Management Roku

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