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While high demand and inconsistent standards make this channel a target for fraud, our industry has been building solutions for the past few years to address these issues, and continues to evolve its protection to address emerging fraud schemes. In this session, we will discuss how CTV can set the standard and define measurement and quality across all digital channels.

Connected TV (CTV) is by far the most popular platform for digital advertisers, given the nature of its ability to leverage data to create more meaningful moments on the largest screen in the house. In fact, according to a recent Advertiser Perceptions’ survey, 50% of advertisers said they felt it was possible to replace linear TV reach with CTV and digital video ads.

Now, more than ever, global brands should expect quality inventory across their media buys in order to drive performance. Quality starts with transparency — first into the device and app, then into the content itself. From there, we can lay the foundation that brands demand in order to make sound decisions in their media investments across CTV and all channels. View Less

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  1. Identifying the need for viewability and brand suitability in CTV
  2. Advancing CTV measurement and introducing a multifaceted measure for media quality
  3. Detecting and shutting down fraud/bots across CTV and other environments
  4. Understand the growing demand for transparency moving forward

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Mark Zagorski CEO DoubleVerify

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