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How commitment to design over time connects a brand’s past, to its present, to its future. The session will cover innovation in visual identity, demonstrating how the idea of commitment is becoming more and more novel in an environment where hopping on trends is seen as innovative. This fireside chat will argue that it’s more innovative to buck the trend of newness for newness’ sake, rather than to embrace it.

Frank and Andy will explain that familiarity bred by consistency can foster stronger connections to brands, and stronger bonds between the people that love them. It would also address the idea that timeless design is inherently setup to adapt to innovations in technology, as it always feels contemporary no matter the context.

Why it matters? The rate of new brands being introduced into the market is higher than it’s ever been. There is also a higher tendency for those brands to take the quick and easy path of following current design trends. By locking themselves into a very specific place in time (right now), it will make relevancy and flexibility much more difficult in the future. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why design must be a constant even when established brands evolve their offerings over time
  2. The importance of “long-termism” of design when it comes to investing and risk management
  3. How consistency and familiarity can foster stronger relationships between brands and their consumers


Frank Cooper III CMO BlackRock
Andy Baron Executive Creative Director Turner Duckworth

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Track  Storytelling