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While social platforms changed the advertising game in 2004, Audio platforms are changing it yet again in 2020. In a year where consumers were looking to connect or escape, they leaned heavily on music as their companion, and rightfully so have brands. Unlike other mediums, audio ad experiences command the listener’s full attention to drive engagement, and like social, is both flexible and nimble.

The accelerating value of digital audio continues as it delivers quality and brand safe environments, permeating where visual advertising cannot. Join this session to hear why big brands are HOT ON AUDIO like never before.
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  1. Hear about how audio is taking over as a mainstream messaging medium
  2. Learn how to leverage audio to connect with consumers in creative and engaging ways
  3. Discover how to use audio to communicate your brand’s identity and values

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Chelsea Campbell Creative Director Studio Resonate, Pandora Media
James Clarke Sr Dir Media Analytics & CRM Frito-Lay

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Track  Storytelling