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Bravery is only bravery when the stakes are high. In this session you’ll hear from creative leaders who didn’t just nearly lose an account, but everything. How do moments of high stakes bravery (which 2020 is not short of!) teach us to brave in our careers?

The Redefining Bravery series highlights shared experiences through personal storytelling. The series allow a peek into the minds and experiences’ of the industry’s most respected creatives and marketers through a common thread: bravery.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How resilience translates from personal to professional
  2. Is 2020 truly unprecedented or is it a case of history repeating itself?
  3. Key creative mindsets across Eastern and Western approaches to the pandemic
  4. Ideas and concept our industry can do to tackle inequality
  5. What does it truly mean to brave in today's world


Madonna Badger CCO/Founder Badger & Winters
Fernando Machado Global Chief Marketing Officer Restaurant Brands International
Jayanta Jenkins Co-Founder Saturday Morning
PJ Pereira Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Pereira & O'Dell

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Event Type Workshop