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As the market continues to lean into outcome based advertising and buyers continue to ask for deeper insight into audience behavior to understand if their ads are delivering results, the industry needs a true, holistic cross- platform attribution solution. Join Disney, Hulu and Samba TV as they explore how they’re working together to enable full campaign attribution for advertisers across all platforms including linear, streaming and digital.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Cross-Platform campaign attribution best practices
  2. How DAS, Hulu and Samba TV are partnering to maximize their insights for buyers at every stage
  3. What’s ahead for cross-platform attribution in the next two years

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Asaf Davidov VP Ad Sales Research Hulu
Ashwin Navin CEO & Co-Founder Samba TV
Dana McGraw VP Audience Modeling and Data Science The Walt Disney Company
Tim Peterson Reporter Advertising Age

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