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PR and publicity is one of the most critical parts of a marketing campaign, especially at launch and when your creative should get the attention it deserves. Yet, the PR industry is embarrassingly behind when it comes to technology-enabled solutions that help to drive press coverage.

PR pros have been unable to keep up with their marketing counterparts, whereas adtech and martech, led by innovative startups and fueled by data-driven solutions, continue to evolve the industry in new and exciting ways. But things may be swinging in PR’s favor and to the benefit of creatives! As AI and bots are making their way into newsrooms and tech companies are beginning to improve the experience around news alerting and monitoring, we find ourselves at an inflection point where PR may play the starring role in this drama, by developing AI-based tools that smartly hack our way into more media placements when they matter the most.


Aaron Kwittken CEO and Founder PRophet

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