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This spring, after the murder of George Floyd, Minneapolis became the epicenter of cultural unrest that spread around the globe. The challenges for leaders in Minneapolis were great as the world was watching. From the chaos, pain and heartbreak came great learnings and hope for a better future. Minneapolis brand leaders share their stories and learnings about how they continue to navigate the times, what they’ve learned and how this is guiding their leadership path into 2021 and beyond.

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  1. The only constant in 2020 is change. Learn from some of the most challenged leaders how to be resilient and resourceful moving into 2021 and beyond.
  2. What have Minneapolis brand leaders learned during the cultural unrest of 2020 that all leaders can apply.
  3. Hear about specific steps Minneapolis brand leaders have taken to help bring racial equity progress to their companies, teams and communities.


Mike Caguin Chief Creative Officer Colle McVoy
Karen Deutsch SVP, Head of Consumer Marketing U.S. Bank
Remi Kent Global VP & CMO, Consumer Business Group 3M
Dorion Taylor Sr. Director, Strategic Branding and Marketing Pohlad Companies

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