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AcuityAds is a leading technology company that provides marketers a powerful and holistic solution for digital advertising across all ad formats and screens to amplify reach throughout the customer journey. Via its unique, data-driven insights, real-time analytics and industry-leading activation platform based on proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology, AcuityAds leverages an integrated ecosystem of partners for data, inventory, brand safety and fraud prevention, to offer unparalleled solutions required for success.

Try selling a $2,000 mattress to consumers during a Pandemic. It’s a challenge only a company like Purple can undertake on its way to becoming a billion dollar publicly held enterprise.

Breakthrough innovation gave Purple the brand recognition it rightfully deserved few years ago. Since then every aspect of the brand, from product design, manufacturing, marketing, and customer experience is a cut above the category norm.

Performance Marketing, as an illustration, is one of those distinctive core competencies that Purple has mastered to consistently deliver YOY growth of over 40 percent for the past 5 years.

Following this interview, join us on the Rebuilding Channel presented by Twitter for a Brand Case Study with insights on how Purple has developed one of the most successful omnichannel, journey optimization capability ever imagined in the big-ticket, direct-to-consumer marketing space.
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  1. How to successfully build a billion-dollar DTC brand
  2. Critical components of a successful customer acquisition engine
  3. Strategies for bridging the gap between planning and execution of advertising

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Tal Hayek CEO and Co-Founder AcuityAds

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