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The Hip Hop and Black community is arguably the most influential audience - they don’t just set trends, they are the arbiters of culture whose influence and power transcends trends, catapulting them into the mainstream and effortlessly creating timeless moments. For these reasons, brands and advertisers have historically flocked to Hip Hop and Black culture to borrow classic elements and style, from tapping artists to wear clothes and appear in commercials to now leveraging the power of Black Twitter.

In this session, LL COOL J, CEO, and Founder of Rock The Bells will be interviewed by Bozoma Saint John, CMO of Netflix, for an in-depth conversation where he will discuss the elevation of Hip Hop into the mainstream. LL COOL J will also discuss the history of brands tapping into Hip Hop culture, and what brands should do - and avoid doing - to authentically show up for and cultivate lasting relationships with the community.

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Bozoma Saint John CMO Netflix
LL Cool J Founder & CEO Rock The Bells

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Event Type Great Minds