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Before this summer, our industry thought they were following the diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices. They checked the boxes. They thought they were doing enough. It turns out, their efforts barely scratched the surface. This revelation has left brands stunned, but the public less so.

To move forward, brands need to make the substantial commitment to become allies -- to their team members and to their consumers.

This commitment means being honest about the gaps and making plans to close them. It requires a straight-on assessment of brand values and how they are lived out (or not).

But if brands are willing to do the work, they will be poised to engage new markets and find new opportunities for innovation. Hear from Amber Chenevert, PhD and Director of Strategy & Insights at VMLY&R, on the hard work that brands should be doing now to prepare them for present and future success -- and how they can become true allies. View Less

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  1. How can brands do the work to become true allies?
  2. How can agencies help their clients be honest about the gaps they have?
  3. How can agencies and client partners create long-term, sustainable change?

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Amber Chenevert Group Director, Strategy & Marketplace Diversity VMLY&R

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