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Join world renowned mixologist, Ivy Mix, who will democratize the gourmet cocktail, showing you how simple it can be to make a big impact.

Shopify, Wealth Simple, Uber, and countless other leaders in various fields have democratized complex tasks, making them more accessible.

Presented by AcuityAds, enjoy this fun and informative session and find out more about the new technology that plans to democratize the DSP landscape and empower forward thinking leaders to deliver the highest value advertising.

For far too long, a gap has existed between the planning and the execution of digital advertising campaigns wasting valuable time, money and insights.
AcuityAds has spent years meeting the needs of marketers in the rapid expanse of programmatic advertising, on a mission to further improve the DSP landscape and fundamentally disrupt marketing for the better. Now with the launch of AcuityAds’ new product, AcuityAds is giving direct control to brands and businesses, enabling decision makers to remove the silos within their organizations and make smarter decisions on how to grow and succeed. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to make a gourmet, 3 ingredient cocktail that will impress.
  2. Commonalities among leaders who have democratized complex tasks.
  3. A first view of the platform that will dramatically change the advertising industry.


Ivy Mix Mixologist & Owner Leyenda
Max Dobbs EVP of Enterprise Sales Acuity Ads

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