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Tech-driven marketing is undergoing a period of reflection and refinement. What is a fully modern, full-service agency? Today brands and agencies need solutions to help them thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic. Marketing leaders must take a hard look at their systems and determine where costs are leaking in order to deliver on KPIs. Brands are counting on their agencies to integrate the lessons of the past 12 years into their plans and correct the inefficiencies of their expanding tech stacks.

The status quo has evaporated and we must now evaluate how the past few months of chaos will affect the next few years of business. Many of the norms that marketers have come to rely on—expectations around platforms, privacy and measurement—have crumbled, and the path forward is anything but clear. In this session, we will look at the shattered norms that require our attention as we struggle to right the ship. Certain platforms have risen to the top of every digital media plan due to their scale and ubiquity within consumers’ lives. But now, external forces and shifts in consumer behavior are prompting marketers to take a harder look at line items that for years have gone unquestioned. As we realign our industry for its next phase of development, marketing executives will need a modern full-service agency. What does that look like?
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  1. How to develop a holistic approach to strategy, creative, media, and data
  2. Navigating privacy and establishing "future-proofed" technology and marketing strategies
  3. Developing deep partnerships with clients in order to take "the long view" and thereby extend business results

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Julian Baring General Manager Americas Adform
Jamie Rubin SVP Managing Director, Media Campbell Ewald

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