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What skills and tools will you need to thrive in advertising’s next chapter? Join Kimberly-Clark Senior Director of Global Consumer Relationships and Engagement Josh Blacksmith and Salesforce SVP Martin Kihn as they present five real reasons to be optimistic about a future built on first-party data, gathered with consent, and a more secure, brand-safe digital environment. They address how to set yourself up for success today, and why we are at a pivotal moment when leading marketers can accelerate their lead.

We admire the challenges: consumers who want personalized experiences but not data-sharing, walls and regulations going up, cookies coming down. What do the smartest advertisers do to prepare for the future, today? This session lays out five key trends and how to make them work for you. Greater reliance on first-party data can lead to a better value exchange with customers, leading to greater trust and loyalty. Activation using non-cookie IDs can reduce waste and fraud, bringing more dollars into digital channels. And the use of more accurate, organic data combined with better tools will inspire a new generation of ‘citizen data scientists,’ expanding A.I. across marketing and advertising. Strategic execs from Kimberly-Clark and Salesforce promise a lively discussion and an antidote to the industry’s sometimes Gothic gloom-and-doom scenarios. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What the best companies are doing to prepare for advertising’s future
  2. Five major forces affecting advertisers and why they’re important
  3. How each of these forces can be used to your advantage
  4. Why we can actually be (yes) optimistic about the years to come

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Martin Kihn SVP of Product Strategy Salesforce
Josh Blacksmith Senior Director Global Consumer Relationships & Engagement Kimberly-Clark Corporation

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