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The impact of upcoming 5G everywhere, newly changed consumer behavior thanks to COVID-19, and the looming generational shift thanks to Generation Z, will make the commerce in the 2010s look more like the 1920s than the 21st century. Thanks to internet that is ubiquitous, cheap, and available everywhere, people will no longer “go shopping”, but rather will always be shopping. ​

This session will offer a sneak peek into a world beyond the pandemic: into a world where half of consumers are under the age 30, where every device in our day-to-day life is connected to the internet, and more data is being generated by each of us every minute than entire cities just a few years ago. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How physical retail will change (not go away), and what will it be used for in its Renaissance
  2. The importance of loyalty and brand in the future, and how brands can set themselves apart from competitors (spoiler: it’s not an app).​
  3. How commerce brands’ time to focus on Millennials is gone, how Generation Z is just the tip of the iceberg, and how Generation Alpha will change everything.​


Jon Reily Chief Strategy Officer Dentsu Commerce

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