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We need to radically redefine our expectations and representation of womxn for the better. Gender-based marketing is responsible for establishing and perpetuating many norms and biases, not least those around gender identity.

Now is the time for positive change.

Womxn is a new term established in the last five years that is inclusive of cis and non- cisgendered women, put simply it represents all those identifying as female and non-binary. The new generation is pushing hard against this limited standard of female hood and binary gender norms within youth culture and in their own digital lives. This workshop will help you understand what this means for the future of your brand. Ignore this shift and you will get left behind.

An interactive session where you can see how well you know your womxn audience.

As an attendee of the session you will be given access to the full report co-authored by Livity, Freeda and members of Livity's In Future List.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Rethink old assumptions of marketing to women
  2. Trends and changing attitudes about Gen Z womxn
  3. Examples of design and language that works for this audience
  4. New rules of marketing to this audience

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Joanna Lyall Managing Director Freeda
Rani Patel Williams Business Director Livity
Tori West Founder Bricks Magazine

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