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In this session...

Badass Unicorn sparks the life-changing idea that individuals have the power to reimagine their potential just like the world’s most revered companies.

In this 90-min interactive and practical workshop, you’ll learn how to rework the growth strategies of the world’s most inspiring businesses to turbo-charge your personal growth.

This session is a whistle-stop self-awareness and self-empowerment tour where you’ll reconnect with the most important ingredient for personal and professional success – yourself. You learn most and take action by “doing”, so expect plenty of self-reflection through exercises and partner discussion.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. You’ll explore topics like how and where you thrive and your values to reinvigorate your self-worth and sense of self
  2. You’ll learn how you can apply these insights to unlock more of your potential and find fulfilment
  3. You’ll reimagine your future by visualising you dream 10-year vision and ways to make that goal a reality
  4. The output? The self-awareness and motivation to take reimagine what you want your life to look like

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Alice Ter Haar Senior Manager, EU marketing Deliveroo

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