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Everyone is adapting to the “new normal” in their own way. Inclusivity, respect, empathy, and a commitment to teamwork are more important than ever. The way we communicate has a huge impact on others. Business relationships, projects, and client partnerships can succeed or fail depending on our style of communication.

Debate Mate’s training provides colleagues of all backgrounds and roles with a mindset, and a suite of skills, which enable and encourage them to get the best out of themselves, and out of others.

Debate Mate understands that communication is key to effective facilitation; we know from experience that it’s crucial to think carefully about how you present information in order to have the desired impact of your session or presentation. In addition, facilitators must adopt certain strategies in order to get the best out of participants. Whether it’s making people feel heard, or being inclusive in your language, it’s vital to make it easy and accessible for attendees to engage.

Effective facilitation is an incredibly important skill in both real life and virtually, and at Debate Mate we recognise that, while there are some similarities, there are some key differences. Our programme equips facilitators to be prepared, thoughtful, engaging, and disciplined when leading a session online.
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  1. To develop a mindset, and suite of skills, to get the best out of others online.
  2. To be able to help introverts have the confidence to speak up, and extroverts to channel their communication effectively
  3. To be able to take the tension out of difficult conversations, and make challenges about ideas rather than personalities.
  4. To understand how to challenge others constructively.

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Benedict Sarhangian Head of Innovation & Strategy Debate Mate
Seun Iyaniwura Global Head of Education Debate Mate

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