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In 2019, Bloom UK launched a radically honest cross mentoring pilot, aiming to help break down the gender barriers that limit the way we interact at work. Bloom women mentored C-level men in the industry on how best to retain female talent, ensuring a more fair, equal workplace. The men mentored Bloom women on how to overcome their own barriers to leadership. In 2020, the programme has grown to include over 200 leaders. Today, step into conversation with one of these pairs & hear how it profoundly impacted them both.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn how radical candour can bridge the gender divide in your workplace
  2. Identify 'blind spots' in gender communications at work
  3. Understand the power of visceral empathy to incite cultural change
  4. Witness how a cross mentoring programme can work to shift percpetion

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Richard Bon Managing Director Clear Channel
Kim French Head of Marketing Preen
Siobhan Brunwin People Director MullenLowe

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Track  Future is Female