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With 430M monthly users, 130,000+ active communities, and a user base growing at a rate of 30% YoY, Reddit represents untapped potential for brands looking to connect deeply with passionate and highly engaged consumers they can’t find elsewhere. In this session, Reddit COO Jen Wong and OMD UK Chief Planning Officer, Vicky Fox will discuss how and why consumer behaviour online is changing, the inherent trust consumers place in digital communities, and the incredible opportunity it presents for brands who listen and respond.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How participation in online communities is replacing traditional me-centric social sharing
  2. The value of interest-based communities for brands willing to listen, learn and participate with their consumers
  3. How leading international brands are leveraging Reddit to connect with highly engaged users to drive action, advocacy and maximum performance

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Jen Wong Chief Operating Officer Reddit
Vicky Fox Chief Planning Officer OMD - UK

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Track  Audience & Insight