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Humans are complex and mysterious creatures. Why do they act the way they do? Which factors impact their behaviour? For marketers to be able to make the right decisions and uncover the reasons behind consumer behaviour, behavioural science data is vital. Once this input has been collected, the question is: how do we tap into relevant research and steer the consumer into the direction we want them to go?

Oscar Hamming, founder & managing director of The Odd Shop, has always been fascinated by the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind human behaviour. By creating creative campaigns that start with a bang and then go on to lead a life of their own, he has developed the concept of persuasive creativity. Inspired by and based upon behavioural science and cultivated through creativity, Oscar knows how to translate behavioural data into a call to action. In his talk, he will shed light on how to employ the power of persuasive creativity to reach purpose-driven as well as commercial goals.

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Oscar Hamming Founder and Managing Director The Odd Shop

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