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Digital Cinema Media’s (DCM) Content Business Director, Tom Linay, hosts a panel discussion with DCM’s CEO, Karen Stacey and PHD’s Chief Strategy Officer, Michael Florence, as they discuss cultural and media trends including the revival of the cinema sector following the reopening of cinema sites on 4 July and the release of the first big blockbuster, Tenet. They also look ahead to the exciting film slate for the rest of 2020 and why the cinema medium continues to be the ‘best seat in media’. #BestSeatInMedia

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  1. Cinema is the BEST SEAT IN MEDIA, delivering attentive audiences who have paid to pay attention in the most premium and brand-safe environment.
  2. 16-34 audiences are driving cinema’s return to growth, with the medium’s ability to engage the hard-to-reach young audiences that have flocked to ad-less streaming sites during lockdown becoming even more relevant.
  3. Studios have been shifting the film slate constantly this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighting that cinema will remain the favoured launch viewing medium for studios. Key titles for 2020/2021 include the new Bond film No Time to Die, Wonder Wom

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Karen Stacey CEO Digital Cinema Media
Tom Linay Content Business Director Digital Cinema Media
Mike Florence Chief Strategy Officer PHD

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