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In a world that has been moving superfast across the last decade, 2020 has proven more challenging than we could have ever anticipated. Leaders have had a dramatically challenging year for setting the right pace for their business, for their teams and for their communications.

Join Sophie, CEO of The Marketing Society and bestselling author of ‘Superfast:Lead at Speed’ as she talks to three insightful marketing leaders from across the globe about a new type of leadership in a constantly changing world.

We will share the stories of how these three brave leaders have managed these challenging times with flair and grace. Drawing out six superfast tips for the audience to take away and bring back to their own business. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learnings from leaders during Covid-19
  2. Insight into challenges across various businesses
  3. Tips to overcome challenges in business right now

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Sophie Devonshire CEO The Marketing Society
Khaled Ismail Vice president Communications – Europe, Central Asia, Middle East & Africa Tetra Pak (Dubai)
Tricia Weener Global Head of B2B Marketing HSBC
Kenyatte Nelson Chief Brand Officer NBrown

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