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‘Daddy, what did you do in the great Covid crisis? Why it’s our national duty to get back to the office. This was a headline in The Sunday Times newspaper in 2020. A sucker punch to working mothers everywhere. Coronavirus is the greatest threat to gender equality in our generation and this headline underlines what happens when women’s voices are not heard. This masterclass will outline the practical steps we can all take as individuals and organisations to make the industry an inclusive space.

We are sleepwalking towards a crisis of inclusion. The ‘great office return’ is not worth aspiring to, if women aren’t in the room. This masterclass is fundamentally a cautionary tale of what happens when women aren’t in the room. This is a session for working mothers and their allies to reflect on the impact of the crisis on women’s creative careers and look at what we can do collectively to address the mounting inclusion crisis. Parents in the creative industries have undertaken a ‘third shift’ working late into the night after homeschooling and organisations need to take a period of reflection to ensure they are supporting these staff against burnout.

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  1. Learn how working mothers have been disproportionately impacted by the Coronavirus crisis.
  2. Hear practical steps as to how to better support working parents and ditch the lip service and policies and initiatives that don’t make an impact.
  3. Hear directly from working mothers on the devastating impact of the crisis on their creative careers.
  4. Look ahead as to how we can make the industry a more inclusive space for all.

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Nicola Kemp Editorial Director Creativebrief

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