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If you don't have a youth talent strategy you are prime for disruption. The gap between youth audiences and business leaders is getting bigger, with businesses struggling to connect with Gen Z - as customers and future workforce. Expectations of brands and trust in institutions are drastically different. Yet we need the creativity of youth now more than ever as we look towards the next year of economic and social instability. Industry insiders (Facebook, Livity) are going to show you just why and how you can work with young talent to help you embrace disruption and get ahead.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Reprioritisation of your next gen talent strategy
  2. A practical model of how you (not your HR team) can harness the creativity of youth
  3. Where to go to find diverse young talent

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Alex Goat CEO Livity
Destinie Page Creative Artist (Photography, Video) Freelancer
Mollie Pearse Global Customer Marketing, Facebook Facebook

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