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2020 has been a defining moment of our lives. To gauge what happened Twitter embarked on a research project looking at billions of Tweets. We found seven behaviours that emerged or accelerated in lockdown. These paint a picture of what people have been experiencing, and may inform how they move forward. This is a rare moment in time for people and brands alike to redefine and reinvent.

Join our session to discover more about these seven behaviours and what they mean for brands.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Changing consumer behaviour has presented new opportunities for brands
  2. Brands can apply the learnings from these behaviours within their own organisations
  3. These behaviours are not static and will continue to evolve, presenting brands with the opportunity to apply these learnings to future communication with their customers

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David Wilding Director of Planning Twitter
Sophie Trinder Head of Twitter Next Twitter

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